The 5 Best Large Mailboxes for Parcels; Expert Recommended

From bad weather to prying eyes, to porch pirates, it’s riskier than ever to have parcels and packages delivered to your home.  Fortunately, keeping your shipped items safe and out of sight is easy with the right mailbox. We consider quality, features, and value when bringing you our top 5 best large mailboxes.


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At 23 by 18 by 31 inches, the step 2 is an affordable and spacious delivery box that fits on most conventional front porch stoops.

It’s a pretty simple design with plastic construction that’s weatherproof and able to keep your packages dry in the snow and rain.

We really appreciate the stylish, yet discreet design that doesn’t draw attention. Although this box doesn’t have a locking mechanism, the fact that you have to approach the box and lift the lid to see inside is a huge deterrent for a nosy neighbor or thief.


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This mailbox by CleverMade is sturdy, affordable, and easy to set up.

Weighing about 30 lbs. and measuring 18. 1 by 18. 1 by x 22. 6 inches, this parcel lockbox comes with screws, a masonry drill bit, and a bit driver for easy installation. Generally, you can have the box ready to use in about 20 minutes. Additionally, it includes an anchoring system that lets you secure it to stone pavers, wood, brick, or concrete surfaces.

It has a pretty simple design that features a hydraulic system which lifts the lid and closes it safely after deliveries.

Built with security in mind, it also features an all-weather programmable digital lock and a heavy-duty steel build.

When setting up your code, you can register it with your shipping company to provide the delivery person with access to your CleverMade parcel box.


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The Peelco locking package box is a perfect wall-mounted option for smaller deliveries. At about 17 by 8 by 30 inches, its design allows easy and secure mail deposits and retrievals.  It has a solid locking feature with a magnetic latch and a retractable plate on its hood that reinforces it against forceful entry.

The Peelco box features rust-resistant thick galvanized steel construction. The thick metal means this box weighs in at about 20 lbs. Fortunately, it has an easy DIY installation process to mount on a wall, with the required tools and hardware included.


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This mailbox stands out due to a system that keeps hands from reaching in and grabbing your deliveries. The box has a lockable entry for package retrieval, and with dimensions of approximately 24 by 21 by 44 inches, it’s spacious too.

We particularly appreciate that the Keter delivery box has a one-way, two-tray layout, which allows your packages to slide into a storage compartment. The system of trays then slides back, sealing the entry.

Its waterproof resin build will keep packages dry and safe in inclement weather. The Keter box is also made of a lighter-weight material than a metal box, and it’s easy to anchor with the screws provided.


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The Elephantrunk is an excellent all-around option because it features the storage and security of a large locking mailbox and combines it with a classic appeal and design.

This large mailbox is made with a heavy steel and cast aluminum construction that is sufficiently tamper-proof and can accept multiple packages up to 11.5 by 7.3 by 9.3 inches. Additionally, its rotating drum system is fantastic for keeping your parcels safe during and between deliveries.

The Elephantrunk also has a package retrieval door, with a pry-resistant locking mechanism. You can even bolt the box to the ground for enhanced security. It is built with an outgoing package partition and an incoming door vacation stopper as well.

Between the classic looks, aluminum and steel construction, security, thoughtful features, and all-around value, the Elephantrunk is a great mailbox overall.

Finding the best way to keep your packages safe can be frustrating. Whether you’re looking for security, size, features, or value, one of these Large mailboxes is sure to meet your needs.