The Best 4 Portable Steam Saunas; Expert Recommended

More and more people are turning to steam therapy to help shed weight, tension, and stress, and remove toxins from the body, but can you have an affordable and effective steam therapy session at home? We considered quality, features, and value when narrowing down our list of the top four best portable steam saunas.


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The Durasage oversized portable steam sauna features a 1.8L water reservoir capacity and a ceramic heating element. This steam sauna can generate a temperature of 110-115°F via its 800-watt steam generator.

We not only appreciate the roomy dimensions of 33″ x 31.5″ x 41″, but also the durable 600D polyester cover.

Additionally, it features a one-hour timer, and dual pockets to keep your book, tablet, or phone handy. It also includes a foldable chair, which makes the whole package all the more convenient.

It’s also easy to add your favorite essential oils during your sauna session. Oils like peppermint can lighten your mood and enhance digestion, while eucalyptus and lavender can relax your muscles and boost your immunity.


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This steamer has a large 2-liter capacity steam pot. It produces ample steam with its 800-watt power output, and its tent traps it in at temperatures of up to 65° Celcius or 149° Fahrenheit.

We love its six-setting automatic timer with remote control. It’s easy to set the time of your session and select from its nine temperature settings. The OppsDecor portable steam sauna also has a rapid heating function so it can be ready for use in about five minutes.

The setup of the OppsDecor steam sauna is pretty quick and easy. You can have it up and running in minutes. Afterward, you can fold it down and put it into its carrier for travel or storage.

It also has some other perks like a little steam box for essential oils, choices of three colors, and a 1.5-year warranty.


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The SereneLife full-size portable steam sauna does a very good job at blending a commercial steam room with the convenience and affordability of home use. It has a massive 4-liter steam pot capacity with a powerful 1600-watt generator.  Because of this, it generates a high amount of steam and can reach a maximum temperature of 50° Celsius or 122° Fahrenheit.

A full-body coverage sit-in spa, it has a 60-minute adjustable time setting feature and a handy remote control selects between nine temperature settings. The accommodating size of the sauna even makes it possible to do some arm and neck stretches during a session.

Not only can this help with pain and injury, it’s great as part of a warm-up for yoga, running, or pilates. The package also includes a foldable chair for seated steam sessions.

If you have stiffness, severe pain, or inflammation, you will find the SereneLife full-size portable steam sauna may be just what you need.


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The Sauna Rocket is a full-body-size steam sauna with enough room to accommodate two people at a time.

One of the most powerful portable steam packages on the market, this steam sauna kit has a 1500-watt rating a 1-gallon steam pot capacity for high temperatures, and adequate steam generation for two people.

It has a really simple setup process, and it’s easy to use, with a simple panel to set the time and temperature to your liking. Its zip-up cabin is well insulated to trap heat and steam, and heating is pretty fast as well.

Best of all, the Sauna Rocket’s extra space makes it possible to share the goodness of a sauna session with a family member, friend or loved one.

It can be a hassle to deal with the costs and inconvenience of sauna memberships. With one of these portable home sauna options, your sessions can work around your schedule, so it’s easier than ever to incorporate steam therapy into part of your routine.