The Best Split Screen Baby Monitor; Expert Recommendations

While a 2-camera baby monitor is essential for anyone who has more than one child, many monitoring systems can only show one video feed on the screen at a time. By request from our community, in today’s breakdown, we narrowed down our final picks for the 4 split-screen baby monitors on the market.


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This baby monitor system has a 4.3 inch display and includes two cameras that you can pan, tilt, and zoom remotely from the monitor itself at any time.

We appreciate it’s features like a portable base unit powered by a lithium-ion battery, an alarm warning you when you’re out of range, and a real-time temperature display.

This monitor comes with 2-way talkback technology so that you can comfort your baby from wherever you are. The sound is really clear, and the night vision of this monitor shows a clear view of your baby at night as well. The system also transmits up to a range of 960 feet using 2.4GHz FHSS technology which doesn’t require wi-fi to function, making your video feed unhackable.


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Sharing many of the same features, this split screen baby monitor system sends the video feed wirelessly and securely using 2.4 GHz technology rather than wi-fi. It also features a temperature display, battery life indicator, night vision, as well as 2-way audio that lets you communicate with your baby remotely.

What sets the Motorola monitor apart for us is the base unit, with a 5 inch screen that has a large, clear display, and some very thoughtful sound-activated indicator lights so that you can see the noise level noise in each room when you aren’t able to listen yourself.

Another welcome addition to this system is the ability the relax your baby with 5 pre-loaded lullabies and let them sleep in comfort.


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While this split-screen monitor system may not have the most recognizable brand name, its strength lies in its massive list of features. 

First, the 4.3 inch base unit is portable, battery rechargeable, and able to keep the signal at a distance of up to 1000 feet using secure 2.4Ghz FHSS technology that doesn’t require Wi-Fi internet access.

Next, it has all of the essential features like two-way talkback audio, automatic night vision, temperature display, voice-activation mode, and 2x zoom.

It also includes 5 Lullabies with white noise and even a feeding timer feature.

Additionally, the audio feed can be switched at any time with the touch of a button, and the unit has excellent battery life when used portably.

All-in-all, the JLB7tech monitor is a very good affordable, yet feature-rich split-screen baby monitor option.


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The Moonbaby is a high-quality monitoring system with a 4.3-inch LCD Display and 2 wireless cameras. Both of the cameras can be adjusted up and down 90 degrees, and side to side 280 degrees, for a huge total viewing area that can easily cover any room, especially if you choose the model that includes the wide-angle lens.

You also get features such as portability, easy shortcut buttons, power-saving mode, night vision, and temperature monitoring.

In split screen mode the system will play the audio of whichever camera is picking up noise at the time, and it has impressive range as well.

To top things off, this monitor not only has built-in lullabies, but a glowing night light feature. When it comes to the features and quality of a split-screen monitor system, the Moonbaby is an excellent choice overall.