The Best 5 Towel Warmers

Stepping out of a warm bath or shower into the chill of a cold bathroom can be very unpleasant. Luckily, a good towel warmer can not only extend the warmth of your shower, bath, or steam session, it can also warm up your facial towels, gowns, and even your PJs. We consider quality, features, and value when bringing you our top 5 best towel warmers.


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This towel warmer can hold about twelve to fifteen 12″ x 12″ towels at a time. This personal warmer is a good value for money and despite its simplicity, it will make your towels super toasty. Have it at hand when doing your facials, manicures, hot shaves, and other beauty routines. It will heat fast, warming up your towels in ten to fifteen minutes.

This towel warmer and steamer has an automatic timer that shuts off after an hour, as well as a water-viewing window. This see-through chamber will help you keep your steamer’s water quantity at the right level.

Although this unit can only fit smaller towels, it is compact, affordable, portable, and easy to clean. This personal towel warmer is handy for many beauty and spa-related uses. It can even steam and warm your massage stone.


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The AW mini towel warmer is a compact and portable lightweight cabinet-style warmer that only weighs 10 pounds. It has a 5L capacity which can fit 10 to 15 towels measuring about 26” x 12”. Additionally, it has a handy UV sterilization feature.  This means it will not only warm up your towels but will also kill bacteria.

This towel warmer also features quality construction with a stainless-steel interior chamber for durability, rust resistance, and excellence in heat conduction.

Other noteworthy features include a removable tray that collects any water runoff from the warmer’s heating and cooling process, as well as a thermostat, which helps prevent your towels from getting too hot. The highest temperature rating for this warmer is 158℉ to 176℉.

The AW mini towel warmer is an excellent, yet compact choice for warmth, safety, and comfort.


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Cabinet-style warmers are very common in gyms, spas, and nail salons, but they are now becoming a home staple. Its boxy design will encase the towel completely for efficient and optimal warming. ForPro hot towel warmers have a 180℉ heating capability. They will have maximum heat in less than half an hour. This machine will also UV sterilize your towels or washcloths, sanitizing them and freshening them up.

This appliance is so versatile, you can warm your massage stones and hot packs in it as well. The ForPro hot towel warmer has a 24-washcloth capacity and has two useful racks. Both the racks are stainless steel for rust resistance.

With the ForPro hot towel warmer you can conveniently enjoy faster, thorough, and even towel heating at home.


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The Zaldo bucket-style luxury warmer features a sleek silver silhouette and natural bamboo accents on its handle and feet that will complement any bathroom. While the Zaldo is a large towel warmer, its long bucket shape gives it a slender footprint, while having the capacity to fit two large towels and a robe inside.

It also has multiple automatic timer dials which can be set to warm your towels from fifteen minutes to one-hour.

The unit itself is lightweight and easy to move when not in use. For safety, it has a self-operating shut-off switch.  Just switch it on and you will have a toasty robe or cozy towel in ten minutes. Its bucket shape will allow the heat to permeate the towel, PJs, or blanket fibers evenly.


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The Brandon Basics electric towel warmer is not your run-off-the-mill wall-mounted warmer. Designed with a 304 stainless steel build, 190-watt heating capacity, and twelve bars for excellent heat distribution, it warms your robes and towels quickly and efficiently.

With both a hard-wired version and an easy ‘plug-and-play option, this premium appliance can be elegant from every angle.

It features three convenient LED timers and power indicators at its front-facing side, letting you see the status of the warmer while adding to a sleek yet functional design. Use the one or two-hour setting and the towel warmer will dry your garments, then shut down to save on power. This warmer by Brandon Basics is powerful, well-designed, and an excellent option overall.

If you love a hot facial towel in your daily routine or the thought of walking out of a relaxing bath to the frost of the real world paralyzes you, then you need a towel warmer in your home. One of these choices is sure to give you soothing warmth when you need it the most.