The Best 5 Vibration Platform Machines; Expert Picks

From celebrities to astronauts to athletes, many of today’s professionals have a fitness routine that includes vibration training. Regular vibration training has multiple benefits including increased circulation, burning calories, and helping to build muscle. We considered quality, features, and value when narrowing down the best choices possible and bring you our top 5 best vibration platforms.


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We’d all love to burn extra calories by standing around. Well, if you stand on The Hurtle Fitness platform, the vibration will shake your muscles, causing them to flex and contract rapidly. This engages your body automatically, burning calories in the process.

Its motor produces over 2300 up and down vibrations each minute and uses triangular oscillations that target the thigh, abs, and buttock muscles.

While this platform does not produce revolving vibrations, it features 20 adjustable speed levels that last 10 minutes per session. This makes for a very nice low-impact addition to your exercise routine.

We also appreciate that the Hurtle Fitness platform has removable handheld exercise resistance bands to provide an upper-body and arm workout.


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The Powerfit Elite vibration plate produces directional oscillations to shake your glutes, legs, and core muscles, increasing the intensity of basic movements and exercises.

This process forces muscles to work harder, leading to a low-impact, enjoyable and fun cardio workout at home. This can mean better circulation, flexibility, and higher energy levels. The Powerfit Elite vibration plate has a remote control that operates its 99 vibration intensity levels.

You can choose between three positions, which include walking, running, and jogging. These are all further enhanced when using with the included resistance bands.


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The first impression of the Bluefin Fitness platform is its solid, heavy build. At over 40lbs, and fitted with two 500W lifetime warrantied motors, it’s definitely built to last. What really stood out about this platform is that it’s fully loaded with a wide range of features. First, the motors give it the capability to have 3D oscillation, horizontal, and linear vibration motions that will help maximize your results.

In addition to these 3 modes, this machine has 180 levels of intensity to dial up a huge spectrum of powerful, yet quiet movements. It even has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker so you can queue up your favorite playlists while working out.

You can set the intensity, vibration type, and time of your workout by using the LCD display’s touch controls or the included remote.

The Bluefin Fitness platform also has 5 preset vibration programs designed to improve your overall health, burn calories, and increase your core strength.


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The LifePro Rumblex 4D vibration platform machine was built to be both low-impact and effective. Inspired by their recovery journey from ACL injuries, the designers packed in tons of features to improve strength, recovery, and stability. To this end, it has 3 high-quality motors that provide pulsating, linear, and 3D/4D vibrations. Its movements are gentle, and work efficiently to activate muscles.

This vibration plate can also help calm your nervous system and strengthen your core. The Rumblex has seven training modes that include 4 therapeutic vibrations and 3 platform motions.

This platform has almost too many features to mention. One of our favorites is the very handy Bluetooth remote control, which is wearable as a watch. Additionally, the machine itself has an easy-to-read display and Bluetooth speakers for easy streaming. Also included are 2 loops bands, and 4 resistance bands for your upper body workout, as well as a generous warranty.


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This platform stands out with its features, professional look, and affordability when compared to similar machines.

The Rhythm Viberation by LifePro does a great job of sending high speed, yet low-impact vibrations throughout the body to stimulate muscles and reduce pain and soreness.

The Lifepro platform is reasonably priced, and at the same time stuffed with premium features like a handrail with built-in heart tracker, LCD control panel, resistance bands, mini-bands, and 99 levels of adjustable speed. It even has a cup holder. You also get access to a bunch of training video tutorials and instructions to keep you motivated.

We especially appreciate the handrail which is not only convenient but also opens more options for additional stretches and exercises.

All in all, this machine wins us over with its ease of use, free video library, full-featured design, and generous warranty. Vibration training has been around for decades and has been shown to have many practical benefits. Whatever your needs, it just might be time to shake things up with your own vibration platform routine