The Best 7 Party Speakers

The secret to a great party often lies in the music, and the right speaker can take your next party from underwhelming to unforgettable. That’s why in today’s breakdown we considered quality, features, and value to narrow down the best choices possible and bring you our top picks for the best party speakers available now. Let’s get started!


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If you’re hunting for a budget party speaker, the W-KING Bluetooth Speaker should be on your radar. This little beast is not only portable and budget-friendly, but it also packs a punch with 50W of output power – and can go up to 100W if you pair two of them together. We also like that it’s capable of up to 24 hours of playtime, so it’s tailor-made for long parties.

Although it won’t blow your hair back, the W-KING’s sound quality is good as well. With air protective covers, the bass resonates well, and the two built-in equalizer settings let you optimize the sound for indoors or outdoors. The speaker carries an IPX6 waterproof rating, giving you the freedom to take your party poolside without worry.

If you’re an Android user, you’ve got the added perk of NFC pairing. Also, if your phone’s battery starts to dip, you can use the W-KING as a power bank. Equipped with advanced Bluetooth 5.0, a TF card slot, and a hands-free calling feature, this speaker is all about versatility. All in all it’s a very good choice for your next bash.

The pros are that it’s a great value. has a long-lasting battery, and a nice feature set.

The cons are that we wish there was a more customizable equalizer.


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With this Portable Bluetooth Speaker, you’re not only getting high-quality sound, but you’re also getting an aesthetic piece of tech with a handmade wood framed speaker enclosure. This speaker boasts four drivers: two full-range and two tweeters, resulting in a loud and clear 80W output. Want more power? Just pair two of these speakers together for a whopping 160W of stereo sound, thanks to its TWS feature.

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0, this speaker offers a stable and fast connection to your devices. If Bluetooth isn’t your thing, you can choose between a TF Card Slot, Microphone Slot, AUX Slot, and USB Slot. It also has a dedicated type C charging slot.

One of the highlights is the BassUp technology – a dedicated button that gives your beats an extra kick. Add to this, five lighting modes that help set the mood for your party. And if you’re on the go, its convenient carrying handle makes it a breeze to take with you. All in all, the YIER Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a solid choice for any party-goer.

The pros are that it has quality sound, sturdy construction, and we like the multiple lighting modes.

The cons are that we wish the Bluetooth activation voice was a little quieter, and the battery life isn’t as long as some other options on our list.


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The W-KING Loud Bluetooth Speaker is all about the bass, with 80W of power and sound reaching up to 105dB. This one is equipped with two 4″ subwoofers and two 1.2″ tweeters, all tuned with DSP technology for rich and clear sound. This speaker gives you up to 24 hours of non-stop party time, making it perfect for those all-nighters.

Unfortunately, it’s not waterproof, but that’s not a deal-breaker. What it lacks in water resistance, it makes up for in mobility with a convenient handle and a portable design. As far as lighting, this speaker is also a visual treat with LED lights that can flash in seven different colors and six light effects, all syncing with your music.

Wanna crank it up even more? You can pair two of these speakers as well. Plus, it features an EQ with adjustable bass and treble for your personal sound preference. It also supports AUX and TF cards too.

The pros are that it has loud & full sound, very good battery life, and nice lighting effects.

The cons are that we wish it was waterproof.


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Let’s talk about the Tribit StormBox Blast. It’s a 90W compact speaker packing some serious punch. The sound quality is thanks to the XBass Tech and a combo of two 30W midrange woofers and two 15W tweeters, resulting in clear and loud audio with a nice punch.

we also like that it comes with 32 LED lights that can definitely give your party that extra spark. It’s not just about the sound; it’s got stamina, with up to 30 hours of playtime at 50% volume. Plus, it’s an IPX7 rated waterproof speaker that doubles as a power bank to charge your devices on the go.

Connectivity isn’t a problem with Bluetooth 5.3, and you can pair it up for that surround sound effect. There’s also a 3.5mm aux input for a wired connection. With the Tribit App you can play DJ, adjusting the lighting modes to sync with the beat and customizing your EQ settings. So, whether it’s a pool party or a camping trip, this little powerhouse can keep the beats going.

The pros are that it has good features, a long battery life, and excellent sound.

The cons are that although the app has potential, we wish it had a full featured remote for total control.


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The Monster Rockin’ Roller 270 is a solid choice for those looking for power, versatility, and longevity. First, with 200 watts and additional side speakers, this speaker provides comprehensive 270-degree sound coverage that makes it a great fit as a party speaker. We also appreciate its long battery life, capable of providing up to 100 hours of playtime.

For added convenience, this unit includes a built-in Qi charger, allowing you to keep your devices charged. If you need a more expansive sound, you can pair it with another speaker through the TWS pairing function.

The design of the Monster Rockin’ Roller 270 emphasizes durability and ease of transportation. It features a sturdy, weather-resistant exterior and is equipped with a handle and wheels for easy movement.

With a mic input available, it’s flexible for wherever the party takes you. And its dedicated app lets you control various settings, from adjusting the lights to modifying the EQ, adding to its user-friendly appeal. This speaker’s mix of features positions it as a solid option for both indoor and outdoor events.

The pros are that it has solid durable construction, nice features with a full control panel, and a long battery life.

The cons are that the lights could use improvement.


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Let’s talk about the JBL Partybox Encore Essential. This speaker is an all-around performer that pushes out a commendable 100W of sound. The audio quality is impressive, with the clarity and balance you’d hope for at any party, not to mention a bass that really makes itself heard.

It’s not just the sound that makes it party-worthy; it also has an IPX4 splash-proof rating, which means it can handle some poolside splashes or a bit of rain. This feature makes it a reliable choice for outdoor events.

Using the Encore app, the speaker syncs with your phone smoothly, allowing you to adjust the EQ or activate the bass boost to fit the party mood. And for visuals, it features a dynamic light show with a colorful ring light and a strobe effect that dances to the rhythm of the music.

The JBL Partybox Encore Essential supports TWS for wirelessly pairing two speakers, offering an expanded sound experience. An auxiliary connection is also available for added versatility. With around 6 hours of playtime, your party can go on without worrying about running out of juice too soon. All in all, we think it’s a speaker that brings both the sound and the fun to any party.

The pros are that it’s large yet portable, so it’s a very good size for parties, it has great design and features that cover the bases, and it has excellent quality sound.

The cons are that while it will last for several hours on a charge, the battery life is not as long as some of the other options out there.


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Taking the top spot is the Sony SRS-XP500 X-Series Wireless Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Party speaker. This party powerhouse manages to find the sweet spot between sound quality, power, and portability.

Featuring two front tweeters, we like that it delivers clear, crisp highs, while the dual X-balanced speakers offer a deep, punchy bass that is sure to get the party vibes going. Plus, it packs an impressive battery life of up to 20 hours. But if you’re ever running low on power, you’ll appreciate its quick charging capability that provides up to 80 minutes of playback after just 10 minutes of charging.

Adding to its convenience is a USB port where you can not only charge your devices but also play your favorite tracks. You can even plug in a USB memory stick for more music options. The speaker supports Bluetooth, and it comes with an app for adjusting lighting patterns and sound modes. And if you’re up for a big party, Party Connect lets you sync music and lights across multiple XP500s.

Designed to withstand the elements, the Sony SRS-XP500 sports an IPX4 splash-resistant rating. On top of that, it boasts LED indirect illumination lighting to set the mood for parties or create an everyday mood. Another great feature is the two mic or guitar inputs at the rear, for karaoke, jamming, or live performances.

The pros are that it has clear, powerful sound, high-quality design and construction, and excellent features.

The cons are that at about 25 lbs, it’s not the most lightweight party speaker on our list.