The Best 7 Reverse Osmosis Water Filters; Expert Reviewed

Reverse osmosis water filters strip water of impurities at a microscopic level, offering unparalleled purity. But how do you choose the right system for your needs? In today’s article, we considered features, quality, and value to bring you our top 7 best reverse osmosis water systems available now. Let’s get started.


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This is a solid choice if you’re interested in getting some minerals back in your water after filtration. It offers a 75 GPD capacity, suitable for typical home use, and with its certification to NSF/ANSI 58, you’re assured it’s up to par with quality standards.

The system comes with three extra-long life pre-filters, including a PP sediment filter, a Carbon block filter, and a Carbon KDF filter, ending with a fine GAC filter for that finishing touch to your purified water. Additionally, an AK filter is in place to restore the water’s natural alkalinity and minerals.

The set includes a sleek brushed nickel faucet and a 3.2-gallon pressurized tank with a 2.5-gallon holding capacity. The included color coding makes installation a straightforward process. It’s designed to snugly fit under a kitchen sink, but here’s a tip: leave some extra room for your lines. This makes pulling out the unit to replace filters much easier.

The pros are that it’s a good value, the taste of the water is excellent, and the Installation is straightforward.

The cons are that we wish it included roll of teflon tape, which is required for installation.


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This reverse osmosis system offers a reliable way to purify your water with its 5-stage filtration. This unit is particularly notable because it’s WQA gold seal certified. It can remove not just more common culprits like chlorine and lead, but also arsenic, fluoride, heavy metals, and over 1000 other impurities lurking in your water. We also appreciate the three super capacity pre-filters which are long-lasting for up to 12 months. For storage, it has a 4-gallon pressurized tank, providing ample water for daily use.

The system comes with a lead-free chrome finish faucet, which is both stylish and safe. Additionally, high-quality fittings ensure longevity and reduce the chances of leaks. Installation isn’t a complex task; with most people finding it pretty straightforward. If you’re in the market for a trusty RO system, this one’s worth a peek.

The pros are that it offers affordability (especially considering the filter life), it’s made of high-quality components, and the water is pure and tastes great.

The cons are that the manual could use improvement, though there are videos and other resources available online to assist.


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The Waterdrop D6 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is a solid addition to any home aiming for purified drinking water. With its 6-stage filtration system, it meticulously filters down to an impressive .0001 micron, ensuring you’re getting the cleanest water possible.

And if you’re wondering about its flow rate, the system boasts a 600 GPD rating. One feature we love about this system is the faucet’s smart display, which not only keeps you updated about the water quality but also alerts you when it’s time for a filter change. The electric, tankless design gives it a sleek, modern look that’s a breeze to fit under most kitchen sinks, thanks to its compact shape.

Installing this unit is straightforward, and when it comes to filter replacement, it’s quick, taking just seconds. Plus, you’ll only need to do it once a year. If a blend of modern design and efficient performance is what you seek, the Waterdrop D6 might just be up your alley.

The pros are that it has a sleek design, the faucet includes a display, and the filter replacement is quick.

The cons are that it’s tankless, so depending on your setup, water pressure may be lower than what you’d be used to with a tank-based system.


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The EXPRESS WATER UV Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System is a comprehensive solution for those who want both purified and mineralized drinking water at their fingertips.

This 11-stage under-sink filter stands out with its 5 stages of mineralization combined with 6 stages of reverse osmosis filtration, including a UV Filter, and an Alkaline Water Filter that adds Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, and other minerals that your body needs.

Similar to the EXPRESS WATER system, this model integrates ultraviolet filtration. Coupled with its other stages, it effectively tackles a wide range of contaminants. It efficiently filters out everything from common bacteria and chlorine to more concerning elements like arsenic and fluoride. And with a 0.8 GPM rating, you’re assured quick access to clean water. Additionally, the system is designed with a 4-gallon tank capacity, ensuring ample supply.

Installation is designed to be hassle-free with its color-coded system, and a built-in leak stop detector offers peace of mind by shutting off water flow if any unwanted moisture is detected. Rounding off the features is a sleek chrome faucet, making this system a combination of functionality and simple style.

The pros are that it’s easy to install, has good construction and performance, and the water tastes great.

The cons are that it’s a fairly large system that requires adequate space under the sink.


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If you’re in the market for a hassle-free reverse osmosis system, this countertop model might be your match SGS certified against NSF/ANSI 58 and EPA 537 standards, this unit’s ability to purify water is impressive.

It’s built to eliminate 99.99% of contaminants, ranging from viruses and bacteria to heavy metals and even pharmaceuticals. One of the notable features is UV purification, which ensures that your water is not just filtered, but also free from harmful microorganisms.

We like that there’s no need to fuss with installation. You can place it on your countertop, fill its 1.3-gallon feed tank, and let it do the hard work.

If you’re filling up a glass or a jug, the continuous flow feature can automatically dispense 6 oz, 12 oz, or 15 oz of pure, clean water at your command. With a 0.45-gallon reservoir and a user-friendly control panel, you’ll have indicators at a glance. Not to mention, quick filter replacement means you won’t have to dedicate much time to maintenance.

The pros are that it’s built for convenience, requires no installation, and offers effective filtering that improves both taste and purity.

The cons are that its countertop design may not be best for high volume water use and it takes up counter space.


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When it comes to combining efficiency with purity, the Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System stands out, promising a difference you can taste.

Utilizing an electric, tankless mechanism, this system is designed to eliminate 99.99% of over 1000 contaminants through 8 stages of filtration. Inside, you’ll find three oversized filters: a versatile 3-in-1 composite, an ultra-fine .0001 micron RO membrane, and a TAM3 Alkaline filter that adjusts the water’s pH level to a more desirable count of over 7.5. Complementing this system is a stainless-steel faucet showcasing a brushed nickel finish.

The system features a 600 GPD rating, and fills a standard 330ml cup in about 10 seconds. One of our favorite features is the intuitive LED display that provides real-time insights into water purity. Additionally, there are color coded indicators for filter changes, and swapping out filters only takes a few seconds, which makes maintenance easy.

The pros are that it offers easy installation and maintenance, fits nicely under the sink, and provides water that is clean and tastes excellent.

The cons are that electric systems are not silent and can make a humming sound when drawing water.


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We love the Waterdrop G3P800 Reverse Osmosis System because it takes a leap forward in water purification, merging tankless design with efficient performance to deliver clean and crisp water. Certified by NSF/ANSI 58 & 372, its impressive 800 GPD rating ensures adequate capacity. This system employs a 9-stage filtration process, effectively targeting bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, and even challenging salts like nitrates and chloride.

Another standout feature is the LED sterilizer, which mimics sunlight to further ensure water purity. The system high efficiency with lower water waste than many systems out there. We like that the smart faucet not only dispenses water but also updates you on TDS levels and filter lifespan. Changing filters is quick and easy as well. Plus, the added advantage of Automatic Circular Flushing means less manual intervention, ensuring the system stays in top form.

The pros are that it has a high-quality construction and design, offers comprehensive features, and ensures excellent filtration performance.

There aren’t many cons of this system, but note that this is an electric tankless design, so it can make a humming sound when water is being drawn.