The Best 5 Immersion Blenders

Are you looking for the perfect immersion blender for your kitchen?

Whether you’re just looking for a blender to mix your shakes and chop your vegetables or want something with a little more functionality, we have you covered.

While there are a lot of machines available, they do vary in quality. We’ve reviewed the best, and we’re ready to tell you everything you need to know for your next purchase.

Here’s our top five immersion blenders on the market toady.


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What we loved most about the Mueller Ultra-Stick wasn’t its compact size. Yes, this blender is small and can be neatly stored—even in the smallest of spaces.

And yes, this is a versatile option that can be used to make a variety of dishes. But what we love most about the Mueller Ultra-Stick 500 is its speed. Despite its size, this machine can blend just about anything in thirty seconds.

That’s some pretty strong firepower. We recommend the Mueller Ultra-Stick to anyone looking for an affordable immersion blender that can blend, chop, shake—and even make cocktails!


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If you’re looking for a quality blender, you can’t go wrong with the Powerful 4-in-1 by OXA Smart. This immersion blender offers high functionality; from chopping to blending, you can do it all!

Overall, we were most impressed with the versatility and functionality of this machine. Unlike other immersion blenders that claim to have so many uses, the Powerful 4-in-1 kept its promise in the kitchen—no matter what we asked it to do.

You can easily chop fine vegetables and blend tough substances. The blender’s whisk for baking is also very useful. For those seeking an immersion blender that offers a bit of everything, the Powerful 4-in-1 proves a reliable option. Made of stainless steel, this is one blender that won’t give out on you anytime soon. We have a feeling you’ll be using this tool in your kitchen for years to come!


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People looking for a more high-powered option can’t go wrong with the Breville Control Grip Blender. This immersion blender offers the same high-functionality of the Powerful 4-in-1 but does so with arguably better efficiency.

Why do we like this machine so much? First of all, it has an ergonomic handle and grip control, making it easy to use no matter your experience level. What’s more, it is much easier to clean that the first two options on the list.

But just how high-powered is this blender? Specifically, it operates on 280 watts of power with fifteen different speeds. This means that you’ll be able to crush just about everything—every time! In fact, the stainless steel blades on this machine are even capable of crushing ice!

If you’re looking for the perfect immersion blender, you can’t go wrong with the Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender.


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We can’t imagine most people ever needing more than a Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender for their culinary needs. Why? Because this blender does everything!

Like the other options on this list, you can use the Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender to create a variety of meals. With this blender you can mix shakes and chop vegetables—in other words, absolutely nothing is off limits.

Specifically, we love the blender’s smart speed technology. This innovation allows you to increase your blender’s power just by a squeeze of the hand. It’s simply never been easier to whip up good-tasting meals at home.

You can use the Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender to chop vegetables for soup, or use it to whisk eggs for cake. With power bell technology that increases chopping and blending speeds and efficiency, this immersion blender proves to be one of the best we’ve ever used. That’s why we’re recommending it to you now as the narrow number two on the list.


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Where to start with this amazing immersion blender? Hand-built in Switzerland, the Professional Series Bamix model sets the standard for what a blender should be.

Simply put, our experience with this model has yet to be topped. This machine comes with three separate blades that can be used for different purposes. Specifically, the Professional Series Bamix model comes with aerating blades for beating liquids, chopping blades for mincing fine vegetables, and blending blades to mix and puree any desired substance.

One of the most impressive things about this blender is its energy-efficient engineering. With only 200 watts, this blender provides more power than most higher-wattage blenders. This means you can save on your electricity while making great food.

Easy-to-clean and simple-to-use, this is one immersion blender that will have you in awe. We recommend this option to anyone looking for that do-it-all blender!

Whatever your tastes and budget may be, there is an immersion blender here for you. No matter the recipe, whether you want to whisk, chop, or puree, there’s an option that will suit your needs.