The Ultimate Guide to the Best 5 Four Slice Toasters

Looking for a high-quality 4-slice toaster that checks all of your boxes?  In today’s breakdown, we considered dozens of models to bring you our final picks for the top 5 best 4 slice toasters to help narrow down the best option for your needs.


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This 4-slice toaster is notable for its 2 extra wide 10-inch-long slots that can not only toast 4 standard slices of bread at once, but can also perform well with Texas toast, bagels, and longer slices from artisan breads like naan.

It’s very simple to use, with a knob to choose 6 toasting levels, as well as dedicated defrost, reheat, and cancel buttons on the control panel.

This toaster works well with no surprises, with bread centering automatically when the lever is pressed down, and automatically popping up when finished.

What surprises us about this toaster is the usefulness of the warming rack, which generates impressive heat, while the stainless-steel exterior stays cool to the touch.

Some additional features are a removable crumb tray for easy cleanup, and a single-piece mode to save energy.

The Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 a very good affordable option overall.


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Sleek and attractive, this 4-slice toaster is designed in New York City and can make a statement in any kitchen.

It features a bagel button and a cancel button but also has a gluten-free button for better results with denser gluten-free breads.

With 1800 watts of power, this toaster works very quickly, making it perfect for those in a hurry.

High lift levers and extra wide slots let you grab smaller items more easily, while an auto shut-off and a removable crumb tray help to round out the features.


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This toaster from Cuisinart doesn’t just have a classic design, with brushed Stainless housing and chrome accents, it also has performance and features to boot.

It features four one-and-a-half-inch toasting slots, a shade control knob, as well as a Reheat, Bagel, and a Defrost button for frozen bread. This is all built-in to 2 independent control panels that let you toast multiple items, in multiple ways at once.

While it has more features like an extra-lift lever and a slide-out crumb tray, what we like about this machine is that it just toasts properly, evenly, and without burning or drying out the bread. The CPT-180P1 is an excellent option overall.


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This high-quality toaster from KRUPS is constructed with a combination of brushed and chrome stainless steel for a clean, professional look.

Two independent controls each have 4 functions that include bagel, defrost, cancel, and reheat. Additionally, it has blue LED indicators along with 6 browning settings.

Extra deep slots are compatible with a variety of breads, and a removable crumb tray is included as well.

Extra high lift levers make it easier to retrieve your finished toast and even lift up smaller items like mini waffles high enough to avoid the risk of burning yourself.

This toaster is easy to use and tends to toast slowly and at a lower temperature, allowing the bread to be crispy and thoroughly heated throughout.


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The Dualit 4 slice toaster is hand-made in the UK out of high-quality, long-lasting materials. Constructed with a stainless-steel body and fully replaceable parts, such as the award-winning heating elements, this toaster is designed to be with you for years and years to come.

The Dualit toaster is simple, precise, and built to last.  it includes features such as a fully mechanical timer, slot selector, crumb tray, and an attractive ejector lever.

Boasting 1800 watts of power, this NSF-approved toaster works great, toasts evenly and looks fantastic. With a large variety of finishes to choose from, it could not only be the best toaster, it also could be the most stylish appliance in your kitchen.