The Best 5 Knee & Leg Separator Pillows; Expert Vetted

For many people knee pillows are a true game changer. Whether it’s helping to get a good night’s sleep, waking up rested and energized for the day ahead, or ensuring good posture through the night to help with problems like back, hip, and knee pain, a quality knee pillow can make a big difference. Here’s our rundown of the top five knee pillows on the market.


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This Memory Foam Knee Pillow has an hour-glass design that fits comfortably between the knees while sleeping on your side. The design also means that it can be used in multiple positions, like between the thighs or calves, or just supporting a single leg if you sleep on your back. Made with 100% memory foam, it is dense, absorbs pressure, and keeps its shape.

We appreciate the inclusion of a removable Velcro strap, which helps keep the pillow in place during the night. This knee pillow has won many fans, especially among those recovering from surgery or problems that can be exacerbated by poor posture.

It’s also thoughtful that they offer free memory foam earplugs with each pillow, which is a nice bonus for light sleepers or those with snoring partners.


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The first thing we noticed is that the Contour Legacy has a different design than most knee pillows. Although it has an hourglass contour to fit between the legs, if viewed directly from the side it has a shape more like a rounded triangle than the usual rectangular knee pillows.

It’s constructed with memory foam and available in a standard as well as a ventilated deluxe model, which helps maintain temperature with a cooling PCM layer.

While the unusual design sets it apart from competitors, the tapered shape and curved edge helps it stay in position despite not having a strap. It also means the pillow is a little more versatile than some other designs and can be used anywhere on the leg or with another Contour Legacy Pillow to provide full leg support.

Overall, the Contour Legacy knee pillow is ergonomic and comfortable, yet substantial, with measurements of 6 by 10 by 10 inches. This makes it an excellent option for those who have found other knee pillows too thin.


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Taking another approach, The Half Moon Bolster is a long pillow, with a semi-circle cross-section.

While other pillows are largely limited to being used between the legs, the Half-Moon can be used for either support between the knees to help maintain separation and good side-sleeping posture, or under your knees to relieve pressure while laying on your back.

The design also gives you the option to use it for elevating your ankles, supporting your lower back, and even your head.

The versatility of the Half Moon makes it a good option if you’re the type of person that regularly changes sleeping positions or someone who is simply looking for a stable way to elevate part of their body while sleeping.


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This unique knee pillow takes the tried-and-true hour-glass design and adds components to help make it more customizable for the sleeper. The hour-glass shaped cushion is firm, and used to provide support, while an additional layer is made of a softer material to help ‘hug’ the leg, for additional comfort.

Because of this extra section, the pillow can offer three levels of support depending on whether you use the soft layer, the main support or both together. The pillow also comes with straps to hold it firmly in place when sleeping.

The cover itself is quilted, breathable, and removable for easy washing. Overall, the CT 3-level knee pillow is a very good choice if you are unsure of the amount of support that works best for you.


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An elegant long roll pillow, the Kingnex can offers a range of uses. As well as being a knee pillow it can work as a support for the knees or ankles for back-sleepers. The pillow is filled with shredded latex, which offers a similar resistance to memory foam but is more breathable, helping to regulate temperature overnight.

While it has nice features like a washable bamboo cover, the Kingnex is a favorite because of the versatility it offers. The shredded latex filling means that the pillow has more flexibility while still retaining the support and comfort offered by memory foam alternatives. What we love the most about the Kingnex is the zipper switch which can adjust the softness of the pillow by extending its length, spreading the filling over a larger area. Unlike most knee pillows the shape does not limit it to one job, but instead invites a range of uses.

Bonus Pick

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The Knee-T Leg Pillow offers a slightly different style of knee pillow. Made from a highly dense medical foam, this pillow sets itself apart by offering support from knee to foot. The longer and wider design helps to relieve sciatica pain and pressure on the lower back.

You can secure the pillow by simply sliding your leg under the strap which keeps the pillow in place throughout the night.

The pillow itself is supportive and comfortable. It’s made in the USA with high-quality materials, and includes a breathable bamboo cover that is easy to remove and wash.

While the Knee-T may come at a higher price point than other entries on our list, it has been widely recommended by doctors, with a reported 94% of users experiencing a reduction in pain.

There is a lot to consider when choosing the best knee pillow for your needs, such as how you sleep, how much you move, and how it might affect your sleeping partner. However, as many people will attest, the main regret they have in buying a knee pillow is that they didn’t get one sooner.