The Best 4 Mandoline Slicers

Are you looking for the best mandoline slicer to make perfect cuts of some of your favorite foods?

Throughout the hundreds of models that are available, each is unique in it’s features and quality.

What’s the best option for your needs?

Here’s our list of the top 4 best mandoline slicers

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It’s quite popular and well-liked. And at a great price, it comes with features that boost your kitchen experience!

For starters, it comes with 4 slicing thicknesses ranging from 1/32 to 8/32 of an inch!

Plus it comes with a lifetime limited warranty!

Over all, this slicer’s a good deal. And it deserves a spot on our list!

However, there are other options, such as…

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As the name says, this slicer comes with “additional tools” that make it safe!

You get gloves to protect your fingers, plus a blade guard.

But let’s get into the features. This slicer has a powerful stainless steel blade, adjustable from 1 to 9mm!

Also, the strength of this blade makes it excellent for root vegetables. So you can slice all kinds of foods with it!

You can cut thick slices, as well as 2 different julienne options!

Amazing, right? But we’re not done yet…

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This slicer lets you do up to 21 different cuts – with 4 styles. That’s more than the combined cuts of the previous slicers!

The OXO slicer is also bigger in size and can be used with large vegetables!

Then there’s the indicator which shows you the thickness and styles you’re using!

And finally, this slicer is made from thick steel. So it’s easy to sharpen and clean. And it’ll stay functional for a long time!

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As usual, we saved the best for last.

With this option you get 5 interchangeable blades for different styles of cuts!

Plus, it’s made from reinforced ABS plastic. This makes it dishwasher safe and rust proof.

Also, the blades are German-designed and ultra-sharp.

And finally, it’s compact. This slicer is easy to store, and easy to set on a counter for use!

Now, we’ve given you the cream of the crop. Whether you value safety, portability, or the slices themselves, there is a mandoline slicer for your needs.

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