The Best 5 Spiralizers for your Kitchen

Know what’s awesome about spiralizers? They “make vegetables enjoyable.”

With a spiralizer, you take a normal plant, and turn it into noodles.


You need to pick the right one. Because each model is unique in its specs, price, features, and the “spirals” produced.

Today we’ll help you with the shopping. We’ll mention the 5 best spiralizers below!

This list is to help you select what suits you best!

#5 – Spaghettable Vegetable Spiralizer — Handheld Spiral Slicer.

The most basic item on the list. And it’s quite popular.

Its simple design makes it easy to clean. In fact, it comes with a brush to make your job easier!

Also – it comes with a free recipes book.

So you get a cheap and easy spiralizer to use. And through it, you can effortlessly make multiple vegetables noodles!


Its price and simplicity means it lacks “some advanced” features.

For those, explore the following options…

#4 – Paderno World Cuisine 4-Blade Folding Vegetable Slicer / Spiralizer Pro.

Thisspiralizer comes with many options…

You can even get an “in between option” with 6 blades. So the more you get, the higher the price tag.

From the get-go, you can see that “Paderno” is all about customization. It lets you create different types of spaghetti noodles per vegetable!

#3 – Mueller Spiral-Ultra Multi-Blade Spiralizer.

Now we get to the middle option.

And why is it highly rated? That’s because it’s an “8-in1” spiralizer. It gives you all the Paderno advantages in a single machine!

And beyond the blades, this machine gives much more.

It gives you a lifetime warranty, a free recipe book, and containers for both vegetables and citrus chops!

It doesn’t get better than that – right?


It does.

We still have 2 more options to explore, each better than the Mueller. So for the “2nd best” on our list…

#2 – Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer.

This spiralizer is unique, since it’s only 5 blades. Yet, its blades are “multi-shaped”, letting you perform unique cuts!

Also, the blades of this spiralizer work with hard root vegetables. So they won’t break or crack from tough use!

Plus – it’s a spiralizer that comes with 4 recipe books. That’s more cook books than the average person owns…

As you can tell – this spiralizer opens up a whole new recipe world for you.

#1 – Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer

As promised, we saved you the best for last.

So what makes the Brieftons a special model?

It’s special because it combines “all the previous spiralizers” into one.

For starters, it’s a 7-blade model, with powerful blade strength (420 Japanese stainless steel), and 4 recipe books.

Then there’s its suction pad, and its design that minimizes mess. With this device, you can cut veggie noodle with ease!

It also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee – plus the ability to handle heavy use.

Need we say more?

In Conclusion.

You’re probably wondering what to buy.

Common sense would dictate you buy the best. You see, most spiralizers don’t exceed $40 in price…

And for a staple kitchen item that lasts long (and has lifetime replacement), it’s a good deal, isn’t it?

But hey, take your time.

Read through the previous options, familiarize yourself with the spiralizer market, and then pick what suits you best!

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