The Best 5 Adjustable Dumbbell Sets to Maximize Your Strength

When strength training, you gradually get stronger over time. Having dumbbells that can grow as you grow is important to maximize your gains. Adjustable dumbbells are the perfect solution, as they allow you to gradually change the amount of weight you are working out with over time.

Instead of having to buy new ones, you can simply shift the weight amounts on the ones you already have. We consider quality, features, and value, to bring you our picks for the top 5 best adjustable dumbbell sets available now.


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No matter where you are on your weightlifting journey, the Vivitory Adjustable Dumbbell Set is a pretty nice budget-friendly option. We appreciate that the set is available in multiple sizes from 22, to 44, to 66 pounds and ranges from eight to 16 individual plates.

So it gives a lot of options for your own goals and routine.  The weights are durable and built with a basic sturdy cement mixture, EVA resin and polyethylene, while a comfortable rubber handle gives you a secure grip. Though the weights need to be changed manually, they are easy to adjust, and it only takes a few seconds.

Overall, this set is pretty versatile and gets the job done with good value for the money.


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The LifePro Adjustable Dumbbell Set is designed to save space in your home gym, which is especially useful if your space is on the smaller side. We like that this set is efficient, and can be tucked away almost anywhere.

The dumbbells in the lifepro set adjust from 5 to 25 pounds, and the process of adjusting the weight is smooth and seamless, just pull the knob up, and slide, and you can be ready to go on to the next exercise in seconds.

The cradles are also sturdy, while the handles are textured and easy to grip, and the overall quality is impressive. All in all, the LifePro set is well-built, easy to use, and easy to store.


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The Keppi Adjustable Dumbbells Set is another 25-pound option designed for at-home use. Adjusting them takes no time at all, so you can switch the weights and jump right into the next part of your workout routine.

We also we appreciate that they make a satisfying clicking sound When you adjust them, so you will know for sure that the weights have changed. The plates don’t rotate or slip so they feel nice and secure during use. The weights are made of silicon steel and the handles have a solid, textured grip.

When you aren’t using them, the dumbbells can be placed in the included cradle base and stored safely out of sight.