The Best 4 Budget Metal Detectors; Expert Recommendations

For today’s breakdown, we considered 142 models, and consulted 5 authorities, while taking into account customer experience, features, ease of use, performance, and value, to narrow down our ultimate list of the top 5 best budget metal detectors on the market.


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This machine’s key features are its lightweight and ergonomic design, its easy assembly, and extra accessories, which include 2 9-volt batteries.

It also features a water submersible 10” circular search coil which can reach up to an 8” maximum depth, and 4 Modes, which include both a discrimination mode and a pinpoint mode.

This model makes the list because it’s a highly affordable machine, has good accuracy, it’s lightweight, and has a simple VU meter-based display. We also appreciate that it comes with some free accessories, including a bag, shovel, and headphones.

The cons are that the owner’s manual could use improvement, and if you are looking for pure performance, there are better options out there.

All-in-all, the OMMO has good performance while also being a very affordable all-in-one package that is well-suited for beginners and casual use.

We give it a 9.5 for ease of use, an 8 for quality, a 9 for features, and an 8 for performance, with an overall rating of 8.5 out of 10.


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The key features here are that this machine is made in the USA, features a submersible 8” circular search coil, has 3 modes including discrimination & sensitivity control, with a search depth of up to 8”, and powered by 2 9-volt batteries.

What makes this option special is that this detector is very well-built, it’s also comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use. Performance is very good as well, with impressive ground penetration for a budget machine.

The cons are that this machine doesn’t include a pinpoint function, and the base model doesn’t include extra accessories.

Although the Tracker 4 might be short a few bells and whistles, it makes up for it by being about as budget-friendly as a high-performance metal detector can get.

We give it a 9.5 for ease of use, a 9.0 for quality, an 8 for features, an 8.5 for performance, and an overall rating of 8.5 out of 10.


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Key features for this machine from SUN POW are a submersible 10″ circular search coil. 3 available modes including discrimination & pinpoint mode, and a depth display, with a maximum depth up to 8″/ it also features an LCD screen with an optional backlight and runs off of 2 9-volt batteries.

Our highlights here are the fact that this is a good cheap metal detector with some nice features, it’s very lightweight and includes a bag and shovel as well.

The cons are that the build quality and some of the features could use improvement, and the backlight, while quite useful, also increases battery usage.

All-in-all, the OT-MD03 is a fully featured metal detector and a low-cost option that still covers the bases.

We give this machine an 8.5 for ease of use, an 8 for quality, a 9 for features, an 8 for performance, and an overall rating of 8.5 out of 10.


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The Key features of this metal detector are that it’s Made in USA, and has a 6.5 x 9” Submersible Elliptical Coil, that penetrates up to a 10” depth. This metal detector has 3 Modes, and an LCD Display which features a Digital Target ID Scale. It runs on 4 AA Batteries.

The pros of this option are it’ has very solid construction and is built to last, it also has very good, consistent depth, and we appreciate the target ID giving a visual scale from 0 to 100.

The cons are that there is no pinpoint function.

Altogether, the ACE 200 from Garrett is a high-quality, but affordable metal detector for beginners that will keep up with you as you grow in experience. We give this machine a 9 for ease of use, a 9 for quality, an 8.5 for features, and a 9 for performance, and an overall rating of 9 out of 10.


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Some of the main features of our number one pick are its ultra-lightweight build at about 2.3 lbs., its weatherproof construction, a 9” Elliptical Submersible Coil that reaches up to 9“ of depth, with 4 Modes including both a Discrimination & Pinpoint Mode. This model also has an LCD screen with a visual target ID Scale that gives 4-tone audio, as well as categories for iron, gold, and silver, along with a specific F.E.-tone adjustability for iron signals. It’s powered by 2 AA Batteries, which last for up to 30 hours of use.

The aspects of the F22 that we love, are that it’s lightweight, high-quality, with excellent overall performance. It has great depth and accuracy for the price range, and the distinct target tones mean less looking at your screen while in use.

The cons are that, like most metal detectors, the depth meter isn’t foolproof, as it’s based on conductivity only. And although it’s a great value, some may feel it’s on the expensive side within the budget category.

Overall, the Fisher F22 is great for extended use, letting you truly enjoy your time outdoors, and a wonderful choice for beginner to intermediate users. We give this machine a 9 for ease of use, 9 for quality, 9 for features, and a 9 for performance, for an overall rating of 9 out of 10, making it our top pick for the best affordable metal detector.