The Best 4 Portable Espresso Makers; Expert Recommended

Whether they boast retro dials or have more displays and controls than a plane’s cockpit, one thing typical espresso machines are not is portable. But portable espresso machines do exist, whether it’s at your desk at work, when you’re on the go or waking from a night camping under the stars you don’t need to do without a fresh espresso. Here are our top four portable espresso makers.


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The STARESSO has an all-in-one design with a patented pump that can generate, through your push, up to 20 bars of pressure. This is more than enough to extract all the flavour of the coffee, along with the rich crema, to produce a superb shot of espresso. With a capacity of up to 80ml this small device can easily provide two shots. The same mechanism can also be used to froth your milk, meaning even your latte can be portable.

The convenience of portability is further enhanced because the machine can be used with either traditional coffee grounds or Nespresso pods, meaning you can just pop in a pod and avoid the mess of cold wet grounds when you are on the go. And the modular design makes cleaning quick and easy.


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The CONQUECO coffee maker is one of the most convenient espresso makers you can buy. The machine is, in essence, a portable pod-based machine, taking many of their advantages and packing them into a portable device.

The device is battery-powered. While heating the water can be battery intensive, the device comes with both a wall and a car charger, so you can easily keep it topped up. If you really need to maximize the battery life, you can take advantage of the built-in thermostat to use pre-heated water.

The reservoir holds up to 50ml, more than enough for a shot, and the operation is as simple as any other pod machine, just load in any compatible capsule, press the button and wait for the water to reach the perfect temperature and then be pumped through the pod into the glass.

Cleaning is easy and as simple as running the machine with clean water and no pod. Whether it’s for a lift at work or making morning coffees on a weekend camping trip the CONQUECO will make sure you can always have an espresso at hand.


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With a compact design, the Wacaco Minipresso is one of the lightest portable espresso makers you can find, coming in at less than one pound.

The clever design uses a semi-automatic piston that operates on the side of the maker, meaning you can operate it single-handed and aren’t reliant on flat surfaces to push down on, but despite that it still averages eight bars of pressure to create a great espresso.

The standard Minipresso comes with all the accessories you would need and all these fit into the standard unit, so you don’t have to carry lots of extras. Instead, when you want to make your coffee you’ll know exactly where the built-in scoop is, so you can measure exactly the right amount of coffee to enjoy from the integrated espresso cup.

What makes the Wacaco exceptional is the design allows for accessories so you can create your perfect espresso maker. If, for example, the 50ml standard reservoir — enough for a single shot — doesn’t satisfy you can buy a larger reservoir, with more cups, alongside other accessories.

This is a well-made and versatile maker that works just as well in a cramped kitchen as it does on a remote campsite. Some people find it so good that they use it for every coffee they make.


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Another Wacaco product takes the top spot, with their Nanopresso espresso maker. While it looks similar to their other models, and shares many of the features, the main exception is the pump inside the Nanopresso.

The set-up follows the same design as the Minipresso, with the side operated pump allowing for single-handed operation. However, the adapted mechanism produces up to 18 bars of pressure — comparable with even a commercial espresso maker — but needs 15% less force.

It comes with a slightly larger capacity than the Minipresso, meaning you can just about eke out two shots of espresso from the base model but, like the Minipresso, you can buy accessories to adapt your model, including a larger capacity container and, if you like Nespresso, a pod adaptor, so you can use Nespresso compatible pods to make your coffee.

While both the Minipresso and Nanopresso make great coffee, the Nanopresso’s improved pump just edges it and makes it well worth the slightly higher price.

A portable espresso maker can come to the rescue whenever a good espresso seems out of the question. From cubical to camp site, one of these machines are a great option to have fresh espresso on the go.