Discover the Best Electric Can Openers: Top 4 Picks

Finding a manual can opener that works well while also being easy to use can be frustrating, expensive, and even downright dangerous. So in today’s breakdown, we considered features, quality, and value, to narrow down our final picks for the top 4 best electric can openers to upgrade your kitchen.


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With a lightweight, compact design, this electric can opener is a budget friendly option that will get the job done.

This machine includes features such as a stainless-steel blade, a non-slip base, auto off, and a magnetic lid holder to prevent the lids from falling into cans after being opened.

All-in-all we appreciate its simplicity, its affordability, as well as the option to choose between black, white, or red finishes.


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While this is a portable, battery powered machine, we love the kitchen Mama One Touch as an alternative or replacement for many counter top can openers.

This model stands out in particular because it has an automatic stop feature so it powers off automatically after each use, which not only extends the battery life, but also makes opening a can a completely hands-off process.

Though it’s not as fast as many countertop options, it’s one of our top picks because it’s safe, convenient, easy to use, and can be taken with you anywhere.


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This attractive Chrome and black can opener not only looks great, but is also designed and constructed for everyday use.

Using a push lever, the blade cuts along the side of the can, making a clean cut and leaving safe, smooth edges on the lid. It can open both standard cans as well as pop tops quickly and easily. We also appreciate how easy it is to keep the cutting wheel clean because it removes the lid without touching the food.

Overall, this model is solidly built, does what you would expect a quality can opener to do, and does it well.


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While there are multiple versions of this design by Cuisinart, the SCO-60 shines with its stylish yet durable stainless-steel construction.

With one-touch operation, it uses a power cut blade and a high-quality motor to make quick work of any standard-sized can.

While it has some nice features like a magnetic lid holder, a sturdy base, and a removable lever to help make clean-up quick and easy, it’s also like that it’s fairly low noise while in use.

Also of note is that this opener is able to accommodate large and tall cans that can give many other, smaller can openers trouble.

The Cuisinart SCO-60 has great performance, value, and thoughtful design, making it an excellent option overall.