The Best 5 Spin Bikes for Home

With so many options available today, choosing the best spin bike for your home can be confusing and downright frustrating.  For today’s article, we considered many factors including features, quality, and value, to narrow down our final picks for the top 5 best spin bikes available now. Let’s get started.


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For us, the LABODI bike stands out as a good spin bike not only because of its affordability but also its impressive list of features at the price range.

First, it has some nice built-in luxuries like a mount for your tablet, a bottle holder, an adjustable handlebar, and an adjustable cushioned seat.

Going into deeper detail, this bike has a respectable 35-pound flywheel and can accommodate anyone up to 330 pounds safely, and your feet are kept in place during use thanks to the caged pedals.

The bike is belt-driven and the machine is relatively quiet overall.

The built-in LCD shows live stats like heart rate, time, distance, speed, rpms, and calories burned.

Resistance can be dialed in with the tension knob during use, so you can easily switch from a casual ride to a high-intensity workout and anything in between.

There’s an emergency brake for quick stopping when needed, and built-in wheels so it can be rolled in and out of any area in seconds.

We can keep going with the features list, but suffice it to say, the LABODI is a good functional spin bike that covers the bases, which is why we give it an 8.5 out of 10.


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With a 36 Pound chromed flywheel, the Cyclace is a quiet, belt-driven bike that shares many of the same features as our number 5 pick, including an adjustable handlebar, adjustable cushioned seat, as well as a tablet mount, resistance knob, emergency brake, transport wheels, and an LCD for live stats, saving for a heart-rate tracker, which this bike does not have.

What puts this machine slightly ahead of number 5 is first, the additional grip option on the handlebars, which gives you more posture options, but also the adjustability up to a 39-inch inseam makes this a better affordable option for people around 6 feet tall and over.

Because of its similarities and the tradeoffs of our previous pick, we give the Cyclace Exercise Bike an 8.5 out of 10.


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The first bike on our list to incorporate magnetic tension, the SF-B1805 has fully adjustable resistance generated by magnets that never touch the flywheel. This along with the weight of the flywheel itself, which is 44 pounds, makes for smooth and quiet use that feels like riding a bicycle on pavement

The bike is well-built, with a steel frame and a weight capacity of 300 pounds, along with an adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate riders of almost any size. Other features include caged straps on the pedals, a device and water bottle holder, transport wheels, and an emergency brake.

A smooth, solid magnetic bike with plenty of resistance., the SF-B1805 gets a 9 out of 10.


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Another magnetic bike, the IC4 by Schwinn is a smooth ride with a substantial 40-pound flywheel and 100 levels of adjustable resistance.

The LCD shows your workout stats including speed, time, distance, calories, RPM, as well as your heart rate. We particularly appreciate the backlight, which just makes the display easier to see in general.

While it has many features of other bikes, the IC4 goes the extra mile to over-deliver. For example, they’ve included 2 three-pound dumbbells that can be holstered on the bike itself, which can be used while you monitor your heart rate, since they’ve also included a Bluetooth armband to give you a continuous readout without having to keep your hands on the handlebars. They also include a tablet mount, but add USB charging and even an extra water bottle holder.

What also stands out about this bike is the connectivity. Compatibility with optional premium apps like Journey, Peloton, and Zwift, gives you the ability to subscribe and join in on virtual classes, races, and trail rides.  Overall, the IC4 scores high, with a 9.5 out of 10 rating.


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The S22i is a well-built spin bike featuring a magnetic incline & decline motor, and a 32-pound flywheel with 24 resistance levels, and a 350-pound capacity.

While it offers some very nice extras like Bluetooth headphone connectivity, a fan to help keep you cool, and a set of 3-pound dumbbells, the real selling feature of this bike is full compatibility with the iFit service.

If you are in the market to join a paid subscription service for virtual classes, the S22i boasts a built-in 22-inch HD screen with one-touch controls and has been designed specifically for the iFit virtual experience. The iFit membership gives you on-demand virtual classes with real qualified trainers, competitive races, and some beautiful locales as well. While this might not be a priority, the reasonable price for monthly membership makes it a more affordable way to join the world of virtual cycling.

Taking into consideration features, quality, and value, the NordicTrack S22i gets a 9.5, out of 10.