The Best Free Standing Punching Bags for Boxing Enthusiasts

With so many options available, it can be hard to decide on the best punching bag for your needs. For today’s article, we considered many factors including features, quality, and value, to narrow down our final picks for the top 5 best free-standing punching bags available now.


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We like this pedestal bag as our number 5 pick on the list because it’s not only an affordable, budget friendly option, but it’s also well-made.

It’s also easy to assemble because you can fill the base with water, adjust the height to your preference, and be up and running with a great boxing session in a few minutes. While this isn’t a full-sized bag that you can hit with full power, it does its job, which is to train coordination and give you a nice cardio workout.

You’ll also get a set of boxing gloves as an added value. Overall, the protocol bag is a good option for beginner and casual use.


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At almost 70″ inch tall this bag is well-suited to both boxers and kickboxers and both kids and adults.

It’s constructed with 4 springs and 2 TPU shock absorbers for both a fast rebound and to help absorb vibration, which can cut down a lot on noise.

The bag itself is covered in PU leather over a fabric layer and filled with high-density foam. The bag isn’t incredibly heavy or dense, but it can take a lot of punishment and is satisfying to hit.

The base is thick ABS and can be filled with water or sand (we recommend sand). It also features 12 suction cups as another way to secure the base to the floor. 

All-in-all, the Kitopa Freestanding bag is a good, durable, full-length option for those on a budget.


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Ideal for mixed martial arts and Muay Thai, this freestanding punching bag stands 66 inches tall. Measuring almost 14 inches in diameter, it has a huge striking surface designed to be hit anywhere and from any angle.

It has some very unique features as well, like handles built into the top of the bag for training strikes such as knees from the clinch position, as well as handles near the bottom for fitness routines and practicing takedowns.

The base comes pre-filled with sand, and at 110 pounds, the bag is substantial. Because of its design, it’s able to take punishment whether from a standing position or on the ground.

Another thing we love about the bag is that although it can be knocked down with stronger strikes, it will stay standing for lighter hits and return to its position in a satisfying way that makes your practice feel a little livelier and more realistic that it would with a typical heavy bag.

Beginner or advanced, adult or child, this bag can be both a great outlet, or an excellent addition to any level of martial arts training.


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This freestanding bag features a full-sized upper body complete with a very punchable face.

Constructed with vinyl and filled with urethane foam and inner cylinder for structural support, it is height adjustable from 60 to 78 inches for users of any height, and its quality construction means it can take a beating too.

The base can be filled with sand or water, and hold up to an impressive 270-pound maximum.

Having a 3-dimensional torso bag that can be struck from any angle for more realistic practice is extremely satisfying, builds accuracy, and best of all, it can make “getting your cardio in” a little more enjoyable. As a freestanding bag option, the Century BOB XL is a great choice.


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A high-quality freestanding bag with a 26-inch surface and measuring 13 inches in diameter, this bag is USA made and filled with durable high-density foam.

It’s easy to set the height to any of the 7 different levels from 47 up to 68 inches, and thanks to the design and the rounded base, it can take whatever you can dish out while being portable enough to move from one area to another.

The Wavemaster shares many of the same features as our number 2 pick, such as a fillable base up to 270 pounds, but what puts it slightly ahead on our list is its economic design, its convenience, and value. Regardless of budget, space, age, or skill level, this freestanding bag could be recommended to just about anyone, and is a great addition to any home gym.