The Best 4 Cheese Slicers; Expert Recommendation

Here’s a life hack: Almost any day will feel special when you can serve a platter packed with perfectly cut, elegant slices of cheese.

Let’s take a look at our top 5 best cheese slicers to turn your favorite cheese into something that looks as appealing as it tastes.


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The Chef’n Slicester cheese slicer is a safe, budget option built with a stainless-steel blade.

It has three thickness settings that you can adjust by a simple twist of a dial, and cuts safely, using manual force and a guide bar to ensure even slices.

While it may not cut through your pepper jack or parmesan with the ease of a parm knife, it is excellent with semi-soft cheeses, and does a decent job at slicing harder cheese if you use its blade’s thin setting.

If you want a basic slicer that’s convenient, safe, and easy to store, the Chef’n Slicester could be just what you’re looking for.


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Westmark is a kitchenware manufacturer with a great reputation, and this superb cheese slicer is one of their old staples. We appreciate its simple, classic design that’s built to last.

Made in Germany, this gadget has a stainless steel and aluminum construction. Its taut wire will glide through any firm cheese, and the handle will give you a good grip when slicing through harder blocks.

You adjust the thickness of your cheese slices by simply adjusting your wrist’s angle, and can easily tighten the wire with the cutter’s inbuilt tension wheel.

The Westmark Special Gallant cheese slicer’s most outstanding feature is its durability. Westmark has a 60 year legacy and the Westmark Special Gallant cheese slicer has a five-year manufacturer warranty. It’s not uncommon to hear that some owners have had their Special Gallant cheese slicers for decades.


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If you need a simple way to add a touch of class to your gatherings, nothing beats a marble cheese slicer.

The Creative Home marble cheese slicer is a 100% natural marble product that measures 5 by 8 inches and is available in up to 6 different colors and styles.

This cheese slicer has a wire cutter, and lever made from stainless steel. It is rust-free, durable, and sharp. The marble also has a groove that cradles its sharp cutting wire for safety when not in use.

Aside from sleek, unique, and attractive looks, we find that this slicer has a lot of practical benefits. The marble construction increases stability, while the rubber feet reduce slips and movement during cheese slicing. It also does not absorb odors, moisture, or grease, keeping the taste of your cheese pure.

The marble block will keep your cheese cool as well. All in all, we love that this slicer has stunning visual appeal on its own, yet you can count on it to cut through soft and hard cheese for uniform slices every time.


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Our favorite thing about this slicer is its versatility.  You can use it to shear your cheese blocks to consistent slices, while also fulfilling duties as a food slicer.

It has a sharp stainless-steel blade and construction that not only makes quick work of hard parmesan, but meats, vegetables, and fruits as well. The thickness of each cut can be adjusted with the slicers dial, and it has rubber feet that prevent slipping while protecting your surfaces.

The base of this machine is plastic, while its handle is aluminum. Though it may not have a stylish look, this slicer shines when it comes to getting the job done. You can easily speed through a block of cheese and have plenty of time left over for other preparations.


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The Boska Holland cheese slicer board was made for the alfresco dining experience.

First, this rustic Paris oak cheese board is stunning. Second, it has a dome. Because of this you can slice your brie, cover it with the plastic dome, and leave it to soften, safe from germs and pests.

The dome cover also works well for leftover cheese in the refrigerator. This cheese slicer uses a sharp cutting wire to cut both hard and soft cheeses. The wire easily glides through Gouda-style cheeses, brie, Humboldt fog, or Tallegio evenly.

The European oak woodblock is not dishwasher safe, so make sure rinse it off by hand, and dry it vertically.

Overall, this is an attractive slicer that is well-made, has excellent features, and is built to last.

Bonus Pick

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If you need a quality professional-style cheese slicer, the Boska Commander Pro might be the option for you. This slicer is made with sizeable wheels and blocks of cheese in mind. Throw your 5lb or 20lb blocks on it, and it will make a quick job of slicing them.

Its unique wire design cuts through both hard and soft cheeses cleanly and easily.  After cutting, the replaceable wire returns to its shielded position for safety. The Boska Commander Pro cheese mechanism offers much more safety than a cheese knife does. At the bottom, it has anti-slip feet that will keep it from slipping.

Caterers and restaurateurs love its speed and sturdy build. It is also NSF-certified for industrial or restaurant use.

A dedicated cheese slicer can not only do the job faster, safer, and cleaner, it can also have presentation value of its own. Whether you need a slicer for your kitchen, your next gathering, or as a gift, one of these options is sure to impress.