The Best 5 Pasta Makers; Expert Reviewed

The best pasta makers all share something in common. That would be popularity.

Pasta makers are a classic kitchen staple. Many people say that a high-quality pasta maker is the secret to making fresh, restaurant quality pasta at home.

Whether it’s spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine, or ravioli, with the right pasta maker, you ‘ll be making homemade pasta like never before.

Today, we’re bringing you our list of the top 5 best pasta makers.

#5 – VonShef 3 in 1 Pasta Maker.

For a kitchen staple, this product has good value. And it comes with a table clamp too, easing its use.

Plus, the VonShef is a “3-in-1.” It lets you produce 2 different pasta thicknesses, plus a third kneading option!

With the VonShef, you can diversify recipes. You can make everything from a thin spaghetti, to a tray of cannelloni!

But as you can tell, it’s just a starter option. There are other items that do its job, but with better features…

#4 – Ovente Stainless Steel Pasta Maker.

It’s not as popular as the VonShef. But as the ratings show, it’s favored more.

Why? Well, this pasta maker lets you adjust thickness with a “dial.” So no need to swap blades for different thicknesses!

As a result, it’s easy to use – and it isn’t messy!

Speaking of mess, this machine is easy to clean. According to instructions, all you need is a brush or a wooden stick.

No water or rinsing required!

And finally, just like the VonShef, the Ovente is stainless steel. So it’s durable, lasting you many years!

#3 – Fantes Cavatelli Maker Machine.This product has 330+ reviews, with an 82% rating.It’s as liked as the previous option, but much more popular. Plus, it’s the cheapest so far, at $26!

Price and popularity aren’t all that make it this model special…

Besides making normal rolls, this machine makes “cavatelli,” the small pasta shells that many people crave!

And it does so with quality. It produces those variants with deep ridges, allowing for strong color and sauce absorption!

The previous options don’t do that. They only give you rolls and noodles for use. So they’re less diverse!

And the benefits don’t stop here. You can get also a gnocchi board for unique recipes!

#2 – Imperia Pasta Maker Machine.

Let’s get to the features. This thing makes both sheets and spaghettis. And that’s pretty standard…

However, it comes with a double-cutter head. This lets you make both fettuccini noodles, and thin noodles too!

Yet – its best feature is its looks and durability. This machine is made from high quality “chrome-colored” steel.

So this isn’t a machine that will break down in months. It lasts years, while maintaining its shiny looks!

#1 – Philips Avance Pasta Maker- HR2357/08.

This is the only electric machine on this list.

Unlike the previous options, this pasta maker completely takes the pressure off of the user.

You’ll get automatic shapers that make different pastas. Just swap one for another before making your food!

Plus, those shaping discs let you make a variety of foods. You can make spaghetti, penne, fettuccini, and lasagna!

It’s truly the best option for both experienced and new cooks!

This model is only for those that take their pasta seriously.

In conclusion:

While it’s true some of us aren’t in need of an electric machine, we’re fortunate that many of the highest quality manual pasta makers are available for a great price.

No matter what machine you use, we hope you enjoy the rewards of serving beautiful, fresh, quality pasta at home.

We’re giving you the best options on the market. And who knows, maybe manual use is what works best for you…

So take your time exploring each model – and buy what suits you best!

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