The Best 4 Nespresso Machines; Expert Recommended

One of the benefits of buying a Nespresso machine is that they all share the fundamental features that guarantee you a good cup of coffee. This can make choosing between them even harder. We consider quality, features, and value when narrowing down the best choices possible and bring you our top 4 best Nespresso machines.


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Once upon a time, a dedicated coffee machine meant you also had to dedicate a lot of kitchen space to it, but not with the Essenza Mini Espresso Machine. Taking up barely any space on the counter, it will only attract attention because of its beautiful minimalist design.

While it features a small footprint, just 4.3in by 12.8in of counter surface, it packs in its reservoir and pod mechanism and, at 8.1in high it has, unlike some machines, plenty of room for your favorite mug or cup.

With the same ease of use and cleaning you would expect from a Nespresso machine this offers all the benefits without taking up the extra room, and it gets our recommendation as the best for small spaces.


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Those in the know will love the Nespresso machine for all the technical aspects it brings to making great coffee. But those who love gadgets and technology will know there’s always room for improvement, and that’s where the Vertuo Next comes in!

With its sleek design, the Vertuo Next has all the features you would expect from a Nespresso, making consistently great coffee from an easy-to-use machine. The large water reservoir means it can make cup after cup, while the eight-capsule capacity of the container means that you aren’t constantly emptying the bin. It also offers a wider range of drinks.

The espresso and lungo are standard on Nespresso machines, but the Vertuo Next offers three sizes of coffee as well as a large pour-over option. What sets the Vertuo Next apart is its Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that you are not limited by the options on the machine, but instead can fine-tune your preferences and get alerts in your connected Nespresso app.

These additional features earned it our award for the most versatile Nespresso machine.


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Nespresso machines are set apart from other coffee makers not just by the quality of their coffee, but also by the quality of their design. The Citiz, however, takes that a step further than most of its competitors.

With a retro design, the machine rises, with its black (or white) and silver design peaking in an elegant curve. The design, however, is not just for aesthetic purposes. The cup support, for example, folds back, so you can accommodate any cup size from a small espresso to a tall latte.

If you purchase the Citiz & Milk version the design is subtly changed to house an Aeroccino milk frother next to the Nespresso machine, so you have all the components you need for a perfect coffee in style.

The attention to detail, combined with the usual Nespresso ease of use, makes the Citiz & Milk our choice for best design.


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If you are looking for an all-round machine the Lattissima Pro is probably where your search will end. The Lattissima Pro has all that you would expect from a Nespresso with the ease-of-use and consistency that defines the system. However, the Lattissima adds lots of extras.

The slightly larger size removes some of the annoyances you get with smaller machines, with a 1.3 litre capacity reservoir and a large bin for used pods, reducing the frequency of filling or emptying the machine.

But it’s the other features that set it apart. The touch-screen display offers seven different recipes at the touch of a button while the integrated milk frother will produce perfect milk whether you want a latte or a cappuccino, and the milk reservoir is easily removed, so you can pop it in the fridge between uses. And the whole unit is self-cleaning, so you can focus on enjoying your coffee, not wiping things down.

Taking care of everything, whatever you want, with the touch of a button the Lattissima Pro is in top spot as our best overall machine.

Whatever your needs, one of these Nespresso machines is sure to fit your lifestyle and satisfy your inner coffee connoisseur. Keep in mind, most can be brought as part of a deal with an Aeroccino to help you get the perfect frothy milk!